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The BD-5 information memos were newsletters mailed to customers of Bede Aircraft. They contain interesting information about construction methods, flight test reports. They also document some of the problems Bede Aircraft had with selection of a suitable engine supplier that could meet their needs. The confidential newsletters were sent out only to BD-5 customers, not just people who expressed an interest in purchasing a kit. If you have any additional Bede Aircraft publications, newsletters or other mailed items that are missing and would like to see the information added to the Library, please contact me via e-mail.

There are plenty of pictures to go along with much of this information, but I do not have a scanner and will have to borrow one to do them a bit at a time.

The links to each item will be enabled as I transcribe them into my computer. Check back every once in a while for new enabled links.

Note that I do not take responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usability of the information presented here for any purpose. The information is here for historical purposes only and should not be relied upon for any other purpose. Nevertheless, if you find any inaccurate or incorrectly transcribed information on this area of the web site, please be so kind as to notify me by email using the icon link at the bottom of this page.

Mr. Ken Trager of California has graciously provided us with copies of the first four Information Memos listed below. Thanks, Ken!

BD News, Vol. 1, No. 3

(Note from Juan: This last item on this issue reduces to one page the reason why I firmly believe "Flying" magazine is a worthless rag.)

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